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Junge in DRC


January 2017

The construction of a soup kitchen at the Hanganeni School in the DRC/Swakopmund is completed. 400 learners receive a warm meal daily. This is mostly the only meal for them per day.

Rohbau Suppenküche

February 2017

The establishment of a soup kitchen in the Fiedel Castro Ruz School in Okahandjapark/ Windhoek was inaugurated and received a further donation of EURO 500 from Mr Spätling.

Arbeiter vor der Suppenküche Fiedel Castro Ruz Schule

March 2017

The children of the DRC soup kitchen – at a special occasion – received hot dogs and juice instead of cornmeal-porridge.

Gruppe von Kindern beim Essen

April 2017

Easter Celebration- 1600 learners received chocolate Easter eggs at the Hanganeni School DRC/ Swakopmund.

120 children from the Women Project and Grow Together Play School celerated Easter with homemade, filled Easter baskets.

250 children of the DRC/ Swakopmund soup kitchen received a warm meal with Easter eggs.

Schüler der Hanganeni Schule zu Ostern

May 2017

Women and children of the DRC Women Project received bedding for the winter time.

Mutter mit kleinem Kind erhält Bettwäsche

Valentines Day 2017

75 children from the DRC Grow Together Play School celebrated in red and received a small present.

Valentinstag im DRC Grow Together Kindergarten

Mother's day 2017

65 women, who live by means of the rubbish dump, and who collect scraps of food for their children, obtained a warm meal, bedding and clothing from the DRC Women Project.

Muttertag beim DRC Frauenproject