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Junge in DRC


Online Shop - July 2020

Kubatsirana is a Namibian non-profit outlet, whose aim is to provide direct and immediate help to communities, women and children living in informal settlements outside Windhoek and Swakopmund. People from different cultures express their skills in creating these crafts to continue generating an income for themselves.

Kubatsirana Online shop makes it now easier for you to shop locally online.

Click on the following link and start shopping now!

Online Shop

Covid-19 - April 2020

Dear Friends and family of Katutura Projects,
As you know, the novel coronavirus has been declared a national disaster. We are all currently aware that the whole world is under a lot of stress by certain Government implications. To enlighten a few factors and see a positive view on this I would like to remind you of Africa. Yes, we are ALL (ALL over the world) having a hard time dealing with global lock downs, Medical supplies, and the list goes on….
Due to the rising COVID-19 infection numbers, the Namibian President has imposed a state of emergency for our country continuing up to six months to protect citizens. All international flights to and from Namibia have also been suspended and the border crossings to neighbouring countries have largely been closed.
Additionally, this is the second time Namibia has declared a state of emergency within twelve months, the first being due to the biggest drought of the century.
Understandably, we are currently in a situation whereby everyone of us are affected economically. I ask you kindly not to forget those who need our help, those who have nothing but need so very much. In times like these we must not disregard the vulnerable members of society, for they are at the greatest risk. NOW is the time where we need to stand together and fight this epidemic.
Together we always do better and I thank all of you for your continued support. We ask kindly to open your hearts to these certain projects which have been affected the most. Any contributions and donations are valued with the most appreciation.
Every donation received in the aid of these project will receive a report to display the impact you have given and made.



Hippo Rollers - August 2019

Most urban residents have access to drinking water supply, but access lags behind in rural areas. Access to water in rural areas are commonly through communal taps. Residents of an informal settlement in Swakopmund, Namibia still have to walk to collect water for their houses from municipality water points, provided by a key card for payment:

  • The distance to the communal water taps is not necessarily the issue even though some taps can range in distance from 0,5km to 2,0 km, but the methods and means used in the collection of water is the biggest challenge.
  • The most common methods of collecting water is in 20L paint buckets, one household would use about 4-5 of these 20L buckets to go and collect water.
  • Woman and children are the ones that go and collect and carry the 20L buckets.
  • What makes it more challenging is that most of them do not own wheelbarrows, which could help with the load in having to carry the 20L buckets full of water.
  • It is very difficult for children, pregnant woman, and those that have babies on their backs.
By research Swakopmund Rotary Club came across a form of transport made easier for collection of water, “Hippo Rollers” .The DRC Women’s Project was privileged to receive and benefit of 2 Hippo Rollers. The Hippo Roller is a 90 liter container that is rolled along the ground. This allows more people to access water, which improves food security and income generation. Issues where raised concerning the longevity of the plastic used to create the Hippo rollers. The question was, whether the Plastic would sustain the hard terrain consisting or rocks and hills. On a very positive note , after receiving the Hippo Rollers and making usage of them for 5 months there has been no wear and tear, and the women having to collect water from a water point approximately 1 km away have only retuned with smiles due to their daily assignment has been fabricated easier, with less exertion on their bodies.

Hippo Roller August 2019

H.O.G - June 2019

Coastal residents welcomed the return to tranquility after 547 bikers and pillions with 480 Harley-Davidson motorcycles that converged in Swakopmund for the third edition of the Skeleton Coast Rally. Thank you to the H.O.G Namibia Chapter Skeleton Coast for their donations towards the Rubbish Dump women by handing over 350 warm blankets for the winter.

H.O.G June 2019

Winter Knights - Round Table - June 2019

Winter Knights is an annual project hosted by Round Table Namibia. A project aimed at raising funds for marginalized communities all over Namibia. The main aim is to raise cash donations, in order to buy blankets for these communities. Any other donations in the form of old clothing, blankets and non-perishable food are also distributed to these beneficiaries. 4 Kindergartens from DRC and the DRC Soup kitchen received a total of 600 blankets that where distributed to the children at the DRC Women’s Project.

Blanket Drive 2019

Easter 2019

Easter is one of the most important festival in Christianity. For most children, Easter is one of the most important celebrations and all children are very excited in the DRC Grow Together Kindergarten. Days beforehand, there is no other topic for them than Easter. An annual festival which brings a lot of joy to the children in DRC, where every child gets their handpainted Easter bunny filled with chocolate eggs.

Kleiderspende Rotari Club 2019

Independence Celebration - March 2019

Twenty-nine years after independence, Namibians are celebrating the anniversary in a country still plagued by poverty and unemployment, despite growth of 4% per year. The DRC Grow Together Kindergarten celebrated its "Culture Day" with many children and women dressed in traditional clothes.

Independence Day 2019

Every donation of clothes gets a new life - April 2019

Every year, parcels and bags containing clothes, toys, writing materials are donated by Namibians and tourists and dropped off at the shop Kubatsirana in Swakopmund for the projects. With many donated relief supplies, a great joy was given to the children in the DRC soup kitchen.

Kleiderspende Rotari Club 2019

German couple gives away filled school bags - February 2019

A German couple with parents donated 50 school bags with writing material to the preschoolers of the DRC Grow Together Kindergarten on their vacation in Namibia in order to improve the education system and living conditions in this country. It's difficult to learn something if you don't have pens, pencils, notebooks and a bag to carry them in. Many parents cannot afford to equip their children with it.

Schultaschenspende Februar 2019

Knitted socks from Germany - February 2019

Thanks to a retirement- old age home in Frankfurt, 300 knitted socks were handed over to the children from the DRC soup kitchen and in the DRC Grow Together Kindergarten.

Gestrickte Socken aus Deutschland

Christmas party at the DRC Women's Project 2018

At the end of each year there is a Christmas party were the women’s hard work is praised. 18 women received a certificate as a reward for their good bead work as well as a Christmas hamper. The celebration was concluded with traditional dances from different cultures.

Weihnachtsfeier 2018

Schoolbags August 2018

120 students from the John Awaseb School in DRC/ Swakopmund where able to receive schoolbags donated by the Rotary Club Osterholz – Scharmbeck. Student where overjoyed and happy and no longer have to carry their school supplies to school in a plastic bag.

Schulränze August 2018

Blanket distribution June 2018

With the help of the Round Table Club Namibia, 400 blankets in DRC/Swakopmund were distributed to the students at the John Awaseb School. A further 600 blankets were handed out to various kindergartens in DRC/Swakopmund and to the children from the DRC Soup kitchen.

Deckenverteilung 2018

Christmas 2017

Every year, the children and women of the DRC Grow Together Kindergarten and the DRC Women’s Project look forward to the Christmas party, at which poems and dances are performed and small gifts are distributed. These Christmas celebrations are eagerly-awaited by the children and young women that live a dreary and bleak everyday life in DRC.

Weihnachten Frauenprojekt 2017

Mother's day 2017

65 women, who live by means of the rubbish dump, and who collect scraps of food for their children, obtained a warm meal, bedding and clothing from the DRC Women Project.

Muttertag beim DRC Frauenproject

May 2017

Women and children of the DRC Women Project received bedding for the winter time.

Mutter mit kleinem Kind erhält Bettwäsche

April 2017

Easter Celebration- 1600 learners received chocolate Easter eggs at the Hanganeni School DRC/ Swakopmund.

120 children from the Women Project and Grow Together Play School celerated Easter with homemade, filled Easter baskets.

250 children of the DRC/ Swakopmund soup kitchen received a warm meal with Easter eggs.

Schüler der Hanganeni Schule zu Ostern

March 2017

The children of the DRC soup kitchen – at a special occasion – received hot dogs and juice instead of cornmeal-porridge.

Gruppe von Kindern beim Essen

Valentines Day 2017

75 children from the DRC Grow Together Play School celebrated in red and received a small present.

Valentinstag im DRC Grow Together Kindergarten

February 2017

The establishment of a soup kitchen in the Fiedel Castro Ruz School in Okahandjapark/ Windhoek was inaugurated and received a further donation of EURO 500 from Mr Spätling.

Arbeiter vor der Suppenküche Fiedel Castro Ruz Schule

January 2017

The construction of a soup kitchen at the Hanganeni School in the DRC/Swakopmund is completed. 400 learners receive a warm meal daily. This is mostly the only meal for them per day.

Rohbau Suppenküche